Discover the different Diamond Cuts

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes. Apart from the round diamond, the other shapes are commonly referred to as Fancy Cut diamonds or Fancy Shape diamonds.

The diamond shape does not impact in any way the quality of the stone. It is instead an aspect which is often dictated by the shape of the rough diamond. Each rough diamond is cut to the shape which provides the highest yield of polished diamond.

The most popular Fancy Cut diamonds

The most popular Fancy Cut diamonds in the current market

The characteristics of each diamond shape vary from one another. The key properties to focus on when selecting a diamond vary depending on the different diamond cuts. For instance, in an emerald cut diamond, the colour and the clarity (lack of inclusions) are very important due to its broad step cut facets.

The choice of diamond shape is utterly down to personal preference. The most popular diamond cuts in the current market are:


Round brilliant cut diamond

  • Round brilliant cut diamond

  • The round brilliant cut diamond is by far the most popular cut of diamond. Its 57 facets are cut in the most optimal way to reflect all the light that falls onto them. Thus giving this diamond shape unparalleled brilliance and sparkle. The resulting look is classic and timeless.

    The round brilliant cut diamond is sold 70% more than all the other shapes. It is this high demand that makes this diamond shape the most expensive of all shapes.

Princess cut diamond

  • Princess cut diamond

  • The princess cut diamond is in effect a square cut diamond. Its brilliance is comparable to the round brilliant cut diamond. However, the princess cut has a more contemporary look and is a great choice for fans of the less traditional look.

    Nevertheless, it is the second most popular diamond shape in engagement ring designs.

Emerald cut diamond

  • Emerald cut diamond

  • The emerald cut diamond has a rectangular shape but with cut corners. It is easily recognisable by its large step cut facets. This diamond shape doesn’t share the brilliance of its round and princess cut counterparts. Instead it boasts of a purer look that emits remarkable elegance and sophistication.

    In recent years, emerald cut engagement rings have become very fashionable and are the ring of choice of many celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian.

Cushion cut diamond

  • Cushion cut diamond

  • The shape of the cushion cut diamond is a cross between an oval diamond and the princess cut diamond. It offers a classic appeal and has enjoyed huge popularity in the diamond engagement ring market in the United States due to its stretchy top look. Until some years ago, it was an unusual choice in the UK. However with an increasing demand for vintage engagement rings, it has gained increased popularity in the UK market as well.

Marquise diamond

  • Marquise cut diamond

  • The marquise diamond has a round shape with two pointed edges at opposite ends. The look of this diamond shape is quite distinct. A marquise diamond is cut less deep when compared to other diamond cuts. This gives it the great advantage of a large face-up look for a given carat. This particular diamond shape is suitable for those seeking to achieve a unique, sophisticated look.

Oval diamond

  • Oval cut diamond

  • The oval cut diamond is an elongated version of the round brilliant cut diamond. Both shapes share the same brilliance and sparkle. Yet the oval diamond has a more antique look about it. Its stretched outline renders itself particularly well to vintage ring designs.

Pear shape diamond

  • Pear cut diamond

  • The shape of the pear diamond is that of a drop of water; round at one edge and tapers to a point at the opposite end. For this reason, this diamond shape is also commonly referred to as teardrop diamond. This diamond cut shares the same sparkle as the round brilliant cut diamond. Its shape is inherently very feminine and is thus an excellent choice for those ladies looking for a delicate, refined look.

Heart shaped diamond

  • Heart shape diamond

  • Heart shaped diamonds are crafted after the universal symbol of love and are therefore the most romantic choice of all diamond cuts. The diamond setting that brings the best out of this shape is definitely the solitaire ring.

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