Guide for determining your perfect Ring Size


When should I measure my finger size?

We recommend that you do not measure your finger when it is cold or too hot, as this has an effect on your finger size.


How do I determine my finger size?

If you’re unsure of your finger size, we are happy to provide you with a free ring sizer. Simply email us with your request including your full postal address.

The ring sizer comes with full instructions to accurately measure the finger size.

  • Ring Sizer 

    It works like a belt around your finger.

  • Ring Sizer 

    Simply slip it on the finger where the ring is to be worn and adjust to give a comfortable fit. Ensure that you are able to slip the sizer on and off over the joints of your finger without difficulty.

  • Ring Sizer

    Read off the indicated size when best fit is achieved on the finger (size L shown).

Keep in mind that the measurements of your right hand fingers will vary significantly from those of your left hand. 


Are you hesitating between two sizes?

We can manufacture your ring in any half ring size measurement to ensure a perfect fit. Please email our Customer Services or give one of our team a call with your ring size when placing your order.


Are you planning a surprise proposal or buying a gift?

This is not a problem as we provide full support following your purchase to ensure that the ring is a perfect fit.  Contact us for advice on choosing an average ring size and having the ring adjusted to the perfect size after your purchase.

Please refer to the Ring Size Adjustment information in our Terms & Conditions.

Important Advice: Often, when a ring is first put on, it can feel a little tight. This is normal, in particular if you are not used to wearing rings. Please allow a few days to get used to wearing your new ring.


Can't find your ring size?

Since every jewellery piece is made to order, we can manufacture the ring of your choice to any size. If you can’t find the size you’re after when you’re placing your order online, give one of our team a call with the ring size required.


Ring size conversion chart

If you know the circumference (in mm) of a ring that fits your finger, the following ring size conversion chart can assist you with determining your ring size.

UK Ring Size Conversion Chart